Kawaii Shiba-Inu Suitcase Cover


Kawaii Shiba-Inu Suitcase Cover

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Make the trip kawaii again with this cute luggage cover ! It will protect your suitcase from dust, brushes, ink damage. It's made of durable material, 10% spandex and 90% polyester. This kawaiiness will make some jealous in the airport. Easy to get on and take off, you can wash it anytime!

Height Length Width Diagonal
S 48-53cm 32-35cm 20-23cm 18-21in
M 58-63cm 39-42cm 23-26cm 22-25in
L 65-70cm 47-50cm 26-29cm 26-28in
XL 74-80cm 21-54cm 30-33cm 29-32in

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